How can we improve acute care for older patients?

This was the question to start with on Leiden Geriatric Emergency Medicine Conference, which took place on October 24th. With 13 (inter)national speakers and more than 150 professionals we discussed this theme. The diverse background off all attendees provided room for discussion. Not only ED-physicians, geriatricians and internists were present at the conference, but also nurses, homecare professionals, managers and others. Together they came up with challenges and tips to implement in daily practise. 

This conference was organized in collaboration with the Taskforce Geriatric Emergency Medicine of the European Union Geriatric Medical Society (EUGMS) and the European Union Society for Emergency Medicine (EUSEM). 


 Conference organiser     
 L.C. Blomaard   MD  LUMC, dep Gerontology & Geriatrics
 Conference project group    
 Dr. S.P. Mooijaart  Internist-geriatrician  LUMC, dep Gerontology & Geriatrics
 Dr. B. de Groot   Emergency physician  LUMC, Emergency Department
 J. de Gelder   MD  LUMC, dep Gerontology & Geriatrics
 J.A. Lucke   Emergency medicine resident  LUMC, Emergency Department
 A.M. Booijen  Nurse  LUMC, Emergency Department
 F.A. de Croock  Nurse  LUMC, Acute Medical Unit
 Dr. A.J. Fogteloo  Internist, medical manager AMU  LUMC, Acute Medical Unit
 Prof.dr. J. Gussekloo  Professor in primary care  LUMC, PHEG
 Advisory board    
 S. Turpin  Geriatrician resident with fellowship 
 in Geriatric Emergency Medicine 
 Edinburgh, UK
 Prof.dr. S.P. Conroy  Geriatrician & Honorary Professor  Leicester, UK
 Dr. C. Nickel  Emergency Physician and Deputy 
 Basel, Switzerland
 Dr. J. Banerjee  Consultant in Emergency Medicine 
 and Quality Improvement Fellow
 Leicester, UK
 C.N. van Beuzekom  Project manager  LUMC, dep Gerontology & Geriatrics